Where we're at

"Coming from Burlington VT, we started with the niche of hand crafted snowpants.

It took a long time and a lot of help from friends, but we finally made it to the table with products that have a significance to us and our community.

We did the handmade, we did the U.S. made, and now it's time for us to fill the need for affordable and accessible outerwear. "


"We’ve run through numerous prototypes and designs and managed to push the boundaries of ripstop. Throughout the process, we have offered products that are different and authentic to us. Maintaining this spirit, we have accomplished more than we thought was possible. That said, ripstop does have its limitations, but that hasn’t stopped our product from serving its intended purpose. 

Moving forward, we will honor the roots of Any Tides, continuing to offer a ripstop selection, but in order to fulfill the needs of not only us, but the needs of you, we will expand our horizons with new fabrics and styles."


As for the price drop...

The apparatus is the same quality as before. The difference in price is from us going international with our production.

We wanted to make the Apparatus as accessible as possible, and now we finally have the platform to do it.

Photography by Ben Schorn

Additional photography provided by

Charlie Cerrone

Phil Barrish

Rich Freeda